Greetings from Dalat Edensee Resort

As a leading 5-Star Resort at Dalat City, we focus on maintaining and elevating our high-standards of:

  • Facilities
  • Services and Activities
  • Skills of Customer Care

Therefore, recruiting good personal and training our employees is a very important part of our work.


Are you suitable for us?

Our enthusiastic and friendly staff has been engaged for over five years now. Based on that, our efforts in human resources at Dalat Edensee are:

  1. finding more experienced experts in hospitality to optimize our activities and training the next generation.
  2. helping young people develop themselves and follow their ambition after graduation.
  3. giving them knowledge in Sales, Customer Service, Fine Asian – Western Cuisine, Sports and Entertainment.
  4. making a change to those who wish a better working environment with higher standards and adequate income.
  5. getting closer to the international world.

What should you do now?

You should learn more about Dalat Edensee Resort. You can find information on the website and also on our facebook page.
If you are ready, please contact us at:

Good luck!