Phat Dat Corporation Conference 2016

Phat Dat Corporation has held an extraordinarily successful conference at Dalat Edensee Resort and Spa with the concept of Onward Journey – Change Together.
The conference was running from 9th to 11th of September, 2016 with seminars and talks, team building, gala dinner … with the participation of Chairman of the managing board and General Director Nguyen Van Dat, Mr. Khuong Van Muoi – Vice chairman of Vietnam Association of Architects, and more than 200 Phat Dat colleagues and customers.

14. September 2016

Some photographs of Phat Dat Corporation Conference:

Tọa đàm tập đoàn Phát Đạt tại Edensee
Seminar with the concept of Onward Journey – Change Together

Ông Nguyễn Văn Đạt chủ tịch hội đồng quản trị, kiêm tổng giám đốc tập đoàn Phát Đạt

Mr. Nguyen Van Dat – Chairman of the Board and General Director is having speech at the seminar

The seminar with the participation of almost 200 colleagues of Phat Dat Corporation

Buổi tọa đàm với sụ tham gia của gần 200 nhân viên tập đoàn Phát Đạt

Nhân viên Phát Đạt chơi Team BuildingNhân viên Phát Đạt chơi Team building
Team building activities

Gala kỉ niệm 12 năm thành lập tập đoàn Phát ĐạtGala dinner
Gala Dinner

Mr. Khuong Van Muoi – Dalat Edensee’ Design Consultant revealed the difficulty in constructing the resort at the beginning.

“When coming back here, I remebered our tough time at the beginning. We had so many difficulty in matching the concept of the resort and the topography. Topography here is the biggest obstacle in designing. Fortunately, I worked with Mr. Tieu Nhu Phuong – the owner of Dalat Edensee Resort, who has knowledge, ability and passion for architectures and arts. He was the one I could discuss the problem with and get feedbacks from.

Khương Văn Mười

During that hard time, I once dissuaded Mr. Phuong from continuing the project since the cost of capital was so high, the area was very quiet and far from the city, the economic conditions at that time were still not good. I was afraid that the resort wouldn’t attract many guests. However, Mr. Phuong was determined to continue the project. He took care of every resort’s detail like his child. Thanks to that, we could have a luxurious Dalat Edensee Resort & Spa like this now.
Coming back here after 5 years, I have noticed there are drastic changes. The staffs are more professional. The operations become more efficient. And the resort is favored for its romantic atmosphere, elegant luxury and natural beauty of the landscape.

I am very proud to come back and see this beautiful resort which was consulted and designed by myself– A luxurious Dalat Edensee close to nature.”

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