Few days ago, DALAT EDENSEE have collaborate with VIETNAM DETOX company to organize 4-day trial JUICE DETOX WEEKEND very sucessful. This is a good news for the Vietnamese to have a reputation of German institutions have successfully researched and applied the most appropriate program with Vietnam.

22. October 2016

This programs have been designed specifically to meet the many participants, with the guidance of a dedicated and professional expert from Germany.


Daily schedule will start from 6:00 am to 21:00 pm with the main activities is exsercise every morning,

DSC_8625Hiking under the range of pine forest from 4km to 6km every day, instructions how to recognize and pick the herbs to make tea after that,


Join the amazing Juice Detox course Join the wellness workshop to help you take reposibility for your health and wellbeing.

14517558_1819000365004387_4015170457391189338_nYou will have 3 hours free each day to relax and enjoy full body therapeutic massage 60 minutes.

As you know Detox is a body cleansing process, the agency will help detoxify from within these institutions recover and thereby perform better, and most of all this is seen as loss methods – the most effective natural weight loss nowaday.

VIETNAM DETOX honor to introduce to all of you the 2nd program ” weekend Detox Juice” starting on 8th Dec to 11th Dec 2016 at Edensee Resort. You can register directly on website: or contact Mr. Hoan at his cell: 0935.090288.

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