The concert “Dem Tinh Hong” was held on 31st December 2016, at Dalat Edensee Resort. Hoa Mi, Phuong Dung, Giao Linh, Quy Binh were the main singers of the concert. That was a great night and unforgetable for all audiences.

After the concert, the guests and resort staffs danced together at Lobby to celebrate New Year Eve.

Colorful images of this event:

1. January 2017

Đêm nhạc đêm tình hồng
The stage of Germania auditorium.

Ca sĩ quý Bình - Họa My
The duet performance of Quy Binh and Hoa Mi

Ông Tiêu Như Tuấn tặng hoa cho các ca sĩ
The General Manager of Dalat Edensee, Mr. Tieu Nhu Tuan gave fresh flower to singers as a small token of our gratitude.

Đêm tình hồng
The four singers sang a love song to close the concert

Khiêu vũ
khiêu vũ cùng nhauDancing to celebrate New Year

Tặng quà cho khách may mắn
Prize-giving of lucky draw.

Chào đón năm mớiCa sĩ Họa My
Hoa Mi enjoyed dancing

Đón giao thừa
New year countdown 2017

Thời khắc đón năm mới 2017
Wishing for the best in New Year

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